Letter of Introduction – Qualified Divers
Alp-Maritimes Marine Sports Institute is a scuba diving training and charter operation offering a customized approach. We offer training and dive trips to all levels from basic diver to mixed gas technical including instructor certification at all levels. Our top-level international staff is drawn from all major training agencies hence can offer certification of the client's choice. Never the less, our overriding training and operational philosophy is one of DOING IT RIGHT, DIR. Offices are situated in Quebec, Canada but courses are given internationally. The Institute utilizes liveaboard vessels for training and dive trips; these operate along the St. Lawrence Seaway from the Great Lakes to the Gulf. Wreck and cave diving expeditions are organized to many of the most sought after sites.
Our company is not typical of the dive shops/schools you maybe familiar with; we do only custom training and trips. You must understand that our clients vary a great deal in their needs and resources, we do not try and get clients to fit into our schedule but we design programs to fit with the client. Hence, we do not have course or charter schedules as per say, each client has his or her own program, true we may combine people in a particular situation as it is often advantageous for all but each person retains their own program. Basically we do custom tailored aquatic adventures, training or trips, ranging from entry level to extreme,
The sport of diving is constantly evolving and changing. Just over a decade ago the wisdom of the day said; back floatation B.C.'s would drown you, twin cylinders would bend you, monsters below 130 feet would eat you and any gas except air was a "Voodoo Gas" from Satan. Still there were those who did not buy the "wisdom" they questioned, experimented, explored and pushed the envelope. Today there is virtually no area of sport diving that has not had a positive and ongoing effect from technical diving. Our involvement in this area of the sport has caused us to choose as our Alpha agency, NAUI.
NAUI is one of the oldest and largest training organizations. To answer this new and exciting market, Technical Training Operations was developed as a separate yet integral part of our training department. All materials and protocols are the product of a "think tank" collective of the best minds in technical diving science. NAUI Tech. Ops. is in constant contact with the cutting edge of diving be it scientific, commercial or military. Our courses and trips are always evolving to reflect the latest in developments as they become available or declassified, from the latest in decompression theory and modeling (R.G.B.M.) to the best tested equipment configurations (W.K.P.P.). We embrace a total Doing It Right philosophy. Our courses will train you in real life scenarios, in which we will coach you to think rather try and memorize some hypothetical situation. Our goal is not to train divers to be certified but to be fully qualified to actually make the types of dives they want to.
Now you can source all course needs from novice to mixed gas from one outstanding agency. No matter if you are a novice, instructor or seasoned tech diver, you are no longer obliged to search the market of training agencies, NAUI now offers you "one stop" shopping. Our agency can deliver all the basics and prerequisites for your chosen course, be it a mission specific "apex course" or a personal development adventure.
We think you will agree that diving and especially technical diving is about individuals and individual situations; we are prepared to work with your situation, whether for training or simply dive trips. It is important to recognize past certifications, training and experience. On our website you will find a general description of our courses. Please be aware that these are conditions, which apply to the lowest common denominator of individuals and prerequisites. It is not our goal to make anyone "jump through hoops" just for the sake of the exercise. I would submit following a careful study of your particular case, taking into consideration your present certification and abilities, we could arrive at a mutually "acceptable" custom program for you and/or your associates.
Our dive training and trips are primarily in two areas. In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, centered on the world class wreck of the Empress of Ireland and in the eastern Great Lakes and Seaway where we operate our main liveaboard vessels. We have chosen to offer trips and training here because of the truly unbelievable diving. I do not exaggerate when I say that it is the best north of Dixie. In summer we have surface temperatures of 76 to 80 and 68 to 70 even at 100 feet. From a depth of 100 feet you can count the prop blades on the boat so great is the visibility. History has added thousands of wrecks and nature has offered great natural aspects hence we have an ideal location be it for training or excursions. We use countless sites that can give us any depth that we may need and all of these in a small geographical area. Since we operate from a liveaboard there are no hassles as to logistics and we do not waste training or diving time just getting to a site, everything happens on our floating hotel. While the vessel is underway the guests can be part take in theory, preparation or just relax. In summer we can get away with any kind of suit, on short shallow dives we often use a 3mm.never the less we have suits of every thickness (plus dry suits) on board at all times so we can make any one comfortable regardless of their personal resistance to cold.
Our vessels are virtually self sufficient and carry any breathing gas (bottom and deco) that is needed. We are strong proponents of using the "best mix" for both the dive and the deco. We are equipped on board to blend what ever is the least insulting to our bodies. Our inventory of tanks (twins, singles and deco) will support the needs of whatever dive we are doing. Our stock of spares and rentals reflects the current best configurations for modern diving. Remember we are always trying to Do It Right.
Should you have any needs in the sport of scuba diving please give me a call. Our adventures are all inclusive, all you need is a fun attitude, a smile and some topside duds, and we will supply everything else. Living on a boat offers many advantages; if you want to do a course there is no down time and it can all be accomplished in a much shorter time span than on land, if you are on a dive trip there are far fewer hassles.
We operate in the Thousand Islands from late May till end of October and being in early spring, now is the time to get things planned for next season. For the time being there is space at virtually any time but we will start to fill up certain weeks pretty soon, in order to use your free time best you should give it some thought and get with us so we can plan your custom dive trip or training.
In closing, thanks for your interest and I am sure we will have a chance to dive together.
Best regards,
Capt. Gary Kulisek & Rosa LeBreton-Kulisek